Scitec Nutrition Vitargo 900g


Vitargo! is a unique high-density carbohydrate ideal for those looking to add carbohydrates to their intra-workout routine. It’s gentle on the stomach and a better source than dextrose.

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maize starch, Flavor (Orange), Sweeteners  (Acesulfame K, Sucralose), Acidity Regulator (Citric Acid Monohydrate),  Colors (Pepper Extract, Sunset Yellow FCF**)

Vitargo. Contains Vitargo, a patented high molecular weight carbohydrate with an average molecular weight of 500,000 700,000.  It is unique because it was specially processed in order to get a  molecular profile that is very different from sugar (e.g. glucose,  fructose) and maltodextrin, which are found in other award-winning products. The molecular weight of Maltodextrin is about  1,000 10,000 Plus from the dextrose is approximately 180.

It has been scientifically proven in that they are a great solution Submaximale exercises thanks to the reach from the glycogen storage in muscle and liver Limited are and that they can be stored by high carbohydrate recording more space. Has also been shown that the rate of glycogen  (stored carbohydrate in the body) higher in muscles in which the glycogen storage by exercises have been used up. The Glycogen synthetic  Heserate is important for athletes during training sessions with repeated periods of heavy Submaximalen exercises, as it was even competing, particularly if several periods of intense drills vorgeführt.

The composition to the muscle GLYKO people from the absorbed carbohydrates depends on the transport of glucose through the intestinal lining and the Muskelzellmembrane and enzymes which are responsible for the responsible glycogen phosphorus Ylase and synthesis. The glucose concentration in the blood is influenced by the glucose recording in the stomach, through the gut into the blood.

It has been shown that the  Osomalität of the holder can be compromising solubility, Inwieweit the stomach empty. This makes a high Osomalität its stomach emptying delay,  which can still have to the lung of glucose over Verspäten the intestines.  With Vitargo can be a drink with a very low Osoma Litat but very high carbohydrate content food preparation. Carbohydrates help regeneration of the normal muscle function.

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